Diversity in Public Safety

Regardless of what area of public safety you choose, each requires a unique blend of traits and characteristics. Some of these include:
  • - empathy
  • - effective communication
  • - compassion
  • - intelligence, and
  • - the ability to relate to people on a personal level.
Note that there's more emphasis on human relations and interpersonal skills than technology.

These are traits anyone can bring to the table regardless of gender, ethnic heritage, or background. Public safety is a field that respects and encourages individuality. Being a member of a minority group will not limit your chances of career success. Public safety is a field where diversity matters, is encouraged, and is sought after in recruitment efforts.

Those who speak a second language are also in high demand and in some cases are given extra compensation for their skills.

Diversity in Law Enforcement & Corrections

Source: DiscoverPolicing.org

Diversity in Fire & EMS

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